CableX is a Finnish material supplier founded in 2008. We import, stock and market electronics, electricity and automation products for equipment builders, machine builders and their subcontractors. Our portfolio is composed of cables, enclosures, connectors, components and tools.

The core of our business idea is to be an active agent in our industry and to offer our partners and their businesses multifaceted added value. Our know-how in material supply is based on long experience. Our daily operation with both our customers and manufacturers is steered by such guidelines as flexibility, responsibility, and confidential co-operation. Our portfolio with its wide selection of well-known, quality products with great specifications makes it well suited for demanding circumstances in Finland and in export locations.

Customer relationships

Customer is number one, the most important thing to us. We strive to make each exchange with the customer useful and profitable. We seek to find a solution or alternative that suits the customer’s needs. This is where our expertise and ability to listen come to play. We require much more of ourselves than just technical knowledge.

We seek partnership. We believe in the good old, down-to-earth basics, such as speed, openness, effective communication, honesty, respect and caring, and hope that our actions show these to be highly competitive values, now and in the future. In this sense we are old-fashioned, but of course we also utilize cutting edge technology to ease and speed up our operation. Our main aim, in all our operation, is, however, to make the customer feel we take care of them.

We seek to be a profitable company. The basis of our profitability and competitiveness comes from a cost-effective organization, low organizational hierarchy, sensible routines and excellent supplier relationships. We aim for controlled growth. We do not wish to rest on our current level of achievement. We feel entrepreneurship is a constant process where something can always be improved. We wish to be worthy of your trust also in the future.

In comparing offers between competitors we feel the whole should be considered. Simply comparing unit prices does not always lead to the most cost effective solution.

Employee relationships

Our goal is that you are being served by a professional, motivated, satisfied staff who take pride in their work. We work hard for this to happen. We are a fairly small entrepreneur driven company. We all try to take care of each other. The owners try to show by example the desired direction: what our central values, manners of operation and such are. We work to create an environment of respect, commitment and fairness among the personnel. We are not perfect, however. We also make mistakes, but we learn from them and strive to grow stronger. We hold ourselves to a very high standard. This makes working at Cablex challenging, but we believe the work to be rewarding and fun for those who commit to our principles. This is reflected also to the customer. We cannot succeed unless all the members of our team do their very best.

Supplier relationships

One cornerstone of our success is supplier relationships. We know personally the contact persons and decision makers of our suppliers. We have limited the amount of suppliers so that we can maintain direct personal relationships with them. The common goal of our suppliers and us is a satisfied end customer, and we believe in open and honest relationships as a means towards that. Our goal is long term success. We make great deal of use of each other’s knowledge and experience.

Competitor relationships

We value fair competition. There is no progress without competition. We respect the expertise of our competitors and we do not speak ill about them. We do not fight against our competition, but bring forth our own strengths and develop our company the way we see fit. Our goal is to achieve the respect of our industry and of our customers. It is the customer, not us, that decides whether we succeed.

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Kärsämäentie 23
FI-20360 Turku

Business ID 2164949-1
VAT FI21649191
IBAN FI81 1590 3000 1799 19

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Tel. +358 2 8800 020
Fax. +358 2 8800 021

Managing Director
Zaki Chaabouni
+358 50 353 3192

Sales Manager
Reijo Karlsson
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