Our company is an authorised Klauke, Greenlee, Uponor and Sanbra press service and repair point in Turku, Finland.

Servicing ensures the flawless and compliant performance of your tools.

Our operations include extensive repairs, inspections and preventive maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and battery-operated tools.

You can fill in a Cablex maintenance order online HERE .

If you would like to fill in the Cablex maintenance order by hand, a printable version is available HERE .

Maintenance, repairs and inspections

Regular preventive maintenance of tools helps you avoid unpleasant surprises, such as breakdowns and unscheduled maintenance.

Repairs are carried out quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the expertise of our trained personnel. Our stock of spare parts covers the most typical parts, avoiding delays due to factory deliveries. The normal maintenance time is 2–3 weeks, including transportation.

Inspections are performed using measurement instruments designed for the purpose in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Tools and dies should be inspected regularly.

Tools should be serviced every 3 years or every 10,000 crimps. Battery-operated tools also have an LED light that indicates when servicing is due. If the LED blinks, it is time to send the tool for servicing. However, a blinking LED does not mean that the tool has broken down – it is merely a sign that the tool should be sent for servicing at the earliest opportunity.

We recommend annual maintenance.

We grant a one-year warranty for replacement parts.

Tool complaints

If your tool breaks down and is covered by our warranty, please contact us first. We will try to repair your tool as quickly as possible. If a repair is unsuccessful or infeasible, you will receive a new equivalent tool in accordance with our warranty terms.

Service Centre – printable files

Maintenance programme and terms of delivery

Maintenance order – printable

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