Cablex Endeavours to be the Human Factor in its Relationship With Customers, Personnel, Manufacturers, Competitors and the Environment

We are proud to be part of HELUKABEL, an international family business. As a company, we value and emphasise long-term collaboration and continuous development at every level of our business. Trust is one of our company’s cornerstones, permeating everything we do. It is vital in our relationships with customers, personnel, partners, and the community in which we operate. We do not take trust for granted and work hard to build it every day. Every employee represents our company’s values in everything they do, and we are committed to adhering to them.

Customer Relationships

The customer is at the heart of our business, and we aim to make every customer interaction meaningful and fruitful. We want to find the best possible options and solutions for our customers’ needs. This requires us to have professional skills and the ability to listen to what the customer wants. We demand much more from ourselves than just technical expertise; we endeavour to be a trusted partner who understands the customer’s visions and helps to achieve them.

Relationship with Employees

We invest in our professional competence and expertise without compromising. Our work is challenging for us but also rewarding, and this reflects on everything we do. We can ensure that every team member contributes by standing behind our principles and committing to a common goal. We will only succeed if we are all dedicated and give our best.

Relationship with Manufacturers

We know our manufacturers’ contacts and decision-makers in person. We are selective with our manufacturers so that we can maintain effective interpersonal relationships with them. Our common goal is to satisfy the end customer, and we accomplish this through openness, honesty and effective cooperation.

Relationship with Competitors

We respect the professionalism and expertise of our competitors, and we do not speak badly of them. We do not fight against our competitors – we highlight our own strengths and innovations. We strive to generate value for our customers by continuously improving our operations and services. We develop our company on our individual terms and always endeavour to be better than we were yesterday – without drawing parallels between us and our competitors.

Relationship with the Environment

We are committed to improving our operations and minimising our environmental impact. We actively seek new ways to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. We understand that every small step towards sustainability is an important one, and together, we can achieve significant improvements. The manufacturers we represent are among the most environmentally friendly in their industries. In addition to complying with environmental norms, they continuously develop their operations, products and services to make them more sustainable and efficient.


We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines. We see it as our duty to refrain from all such activity that is not in line with these rules. We have prepared a code of conduct and other guidelines to help our personnel and partners. These guidelines form the framework of our operations.

We encourage every employee and partner to report any irregularities or suspicious activities they observe in our operations. They can do this anonymously using our Whistleblowing System Speak up .

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